At Shockley Commercial/ Industrial, our philosophy is focused on clients needs and how we may best deliver a comprehensive solutions for all there real estate needs. Shockley Commercial/ Industrial professionals are active throughout the transaction process; researching, advising, implementing and managing. This is to optimize a favorable outcome for our clients.

Owner Representation

Shockley Commercial/ Industrial brokerage and transaction services are designed to fit our owners needs. Our brokers develop strategies to enhance the value of real estate assets through key elements; positioning the property in a favorable light in the current marketplace, identifying suitable prospects, creating customized marketing strategies and tools, and managing all of the steps associated with the leasing process. We are better to understand out tenants needs to position and lease properties for owners.

User Representation

Shockley Commercial/ Industrial expertise in the marketplace knowledge and professional guidance throughout the project. We understand each users business objectives and match them with each real estate solution. Services for relocations, consolidations, subleases, acquisitions which includes strategic planning, demographics and site consultation, financial analysis, negotiations and construction services.